Dolphin Diagnostic Advantage Robotic Pool Cleaner

I currently own Dolphin Diagnostic Advantage Robotic Pool Cleaner, and when I turn system on, the wheels spin for about 2-4 seconds then turns back off. This will happen for about 3 times, then stops altogether. Any suggestions?


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May 07, 2012
Diy repair
by: Old Dog

I had the same issue. Robot ran great for 5 years and when I put it in for the 1st time this year it would move for 5 or 10 seconds and stop. My Son put a meter to Power Supply and that tested fine. Then we carefully took plastic sides off to check plastic bearings and rollers ( and for any debre). That too was fine. We were then left with sealed motor / electrical board and took that apart to find the unit has two motors. The main drive motor was fine, but the other motor (looks like a small starter motor) was seized. Since I coulded find one on line, I took it apart and cleaned all internal parts with contact cleaner, carefully cleaned brushes with fine sandpaper, and broke the seized brass stem free by holding the other end with a monkey wrench and the brass stem with a crescent wrench and turned both until it freed. I then cleaned braise stem with sandpaper and used penetrating oil to spin freely. I cleaned plastic cap and o rings and packed with a small amount of Marine grease. I then put all together and sealed with Waterproof Silicone.

May 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

From your comments, I assume the impeller (yellow spinner) is not working). This is a separate motor in the motor box and it has to be replaced or rebuilt. Doing it yourself means replacing the bearings and/or brushes. If you can't do this, you have to call MaYTRONICS and find a repair place. That will cost hundreds. Alternative is to buy a new unit or another brand. If the impeller is not turning. shut the unit off and take the yellow spinner off and turn the shaft by hand with a lock wrench. Then try starting it again. If the shaft is merely jammed, this may get it going.

May 21, 2011
Motor needs replacing
by: Anonymous

Sorry, but the motor must be replaced

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