Where to buyDolphin Diagnostic PC board???

I have a Dolphin Diagnostic that starts to run for a few seconds then stopped. I use the power supply to check on a friend's Dolphin and it seems to work ok. So, power supply is not the culprit, the problem is in the Dolphin. I disassembled the motor box and found the PC board is the issue (water has leaked in and probably short out the board). The two motors works fine when power applied. The board that I am looking for is 2410012. Can't seem to google anyone who sells it online. Any suggestion greatly appreciated.

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Jan 15, 2018
2410074LF for Dolphin DX6
by: Bob

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Sep 26, 2014
Early Dolphin failures
by: Steve Hobrecht

I have the same board (rev 03) and am having the same problem. The design uses an Atmel 16 bit microcontroller that drives DMOS power Fets(and a relay to reverse the track motor). The initial routine checks the system by looking at the motor currents and decides if the unit is operating properly. That explains why the unit appears to work for a few minutes. If the Atmel initialization code determines that there is a fault, an internal DMOS device (Q3)in series with R31 will overload the external power supply, causing it to shut down and remain off until the external power supplies internal capacitors discharge.
For years, I have been shutting off the power supply to recycle the units electronics, not realizing that the unit was only turning on for a half hour or less.
I took out the motor control unit by removing the 4 screws adjacent to the units handle and disassembled the motor control unit (noticing that they only put in half of the screws sealing the motor control unit). The dessicant had opened due to the moisture (very little moisture)and left the telltale brownish particles throughout the unit.
The first thing I noticed was the blown R31 and M3, a Siliconix dual DMOS device. This is the units last input to the external power supply, overloading and shutting down the Dolphin.
Once the M3 is shorted out and damaged, R31 burns up and opens. The Atmel uP now has no reason to ever turn on a motor again because it can identify the open R31 resistor.
I asked Maytronics for help but was denied. The unit does not even have a proper 9999... type serial number but a serial number starting with 120 similar to yours.
I suspect these were early engineering run units sold to the public by Leslies Pools in my area.

Aug 05, 2014
Same Problem-Bad board
by: Victor

Here's what happened to mine. I experienced the same issues as previous posters. After disassembly of the motor box I found the Silca Gel bag that was in the motor box (obviously to absorb moisture)was soaked and the contents had split the paper containment bag open thereby spilling all the silica gel into the motor box and circuitry. This most likely caused a short circuit on the control board and now I am looking for that same 2410012 Maytronics Dolphin board. Anyone have any ideas. Maytronics will not sell the board. Otherwise I have 2 perfectly good DC motors one for the suction impeller and the other for the drive belts.

Jun 19, 2013
Same problem
by: Jerry

I had the same problem with it going through the motions for 15 seconds then stopping. I called a company who said that the robot is performing a diagnostics check. He said the clock chip is telling the board that it has already cleaned the pool. He said I had to buy a new motor for $300. They would charge me $70 to fix it and another $75 to send the entire unit back to me. I plan to remove the motor and take it to my computer expert and have him check it out and replace the clock chip if possible. i hope I can find the correct chip.

May 03, 2013
Same Problem
by: Anonymous

Turn it on and runs for a few seconds and then stops. Took it to the pool store where purchased and they did a few routine tests and everything checked out ok. Said I would have to contact the manufacturer and probably ship it to them.

Apr 08, 2013
Pub board
by: Anonymous

Heve you find the pcb board?
I have the same problem

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