Aquabot Plus RC Review

The Aquabot Plus RC is a 2 drive motor remote control automatic pool cleaner. The lowest internet price I could locate is $1459 at Aqua Quality Pools.

Aquabot Plus is a fast machine, covering 6800 square feet per hour while filtering 5000 gallons of water. It has a 75 foot power cable. For many people it is the difference between using an extension cord or not. The ugly side of a long cord; Unless you have hands like Shaq the basketball player, It is difficult to re-coil the cable after use.

Each water cooled drive motor has it's own set of belts, a set on each side, that control a half of each wheel. This robot will pivot on a dime and the 4 way remote control is very responsive.

Unfortunately, this machine has only a 1 year warranty. That is not good considering that each drive motor costs more than $500 each not including the cost of installation. The high volume pump is more than $200 just for the part.

I love the performance, however the warranty period is weak and I can do without the remote control.

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