Swimming Pool Maintenance and Equipment

ChemicalsSwimming Pool Maintenance is easy if you have an automatic pool cleaner AND the chemicals are kept in balance. Chemical balance may be achieved economically (cheap). Read about it here...

Swimming Pool Chemical Secrets. (really)

If you live on Long Island, go visit Richard at Aquaquality Pools & Spas,Inc. Located just south of the Northern Parkway on Post Avenue. He sells a full range of chemicals for swimming pool maintenance as well as a nice selection of accessories for your pool. His pricing and service are deserving of my shameless plugs!

A saltwater chlorinator will make Swimming Pool Maintenance a much easier task.

Covers Safety Covers are a must if you have small children or large pets. I often think about getting an automatic cover but I don't want to rip up the existing brickwork for the motor and hydraulics. Here is more about

Safety covers, unfortunately, add to swimming pool maintenance because they allow rain and dust to enter the water. Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Pool Heaters I own a large heat pump to heat my pool, 150,000btu. It is easy to operate, no fuel tanks and maintains consistent temperature. It is a "Terminator" by Air Energy which is now owned by Jandy.

Problem is, electric is very expensive here on Long Island and when it is using 10,000 watts seems my checking account gets terminated too! I pay about 8 cents/KWH. Costs me $1500/yr to maintain 86 degrees thru the pool season. June-August

Overnight heat loss is a persistent problem that I have tried to limit with a swimming pool solar cover. Problem is...nobody wants to pull out the cover or roll it back.

Ripping up the brick and installing an automatic cover is more and more appealing.

Swimming Pool Light My swimming pool light had to be replaced, not just the bulb, but the entire fixture because the bulb socket went bad.

The fixture will have long enough wire to remove it from the water for bulb replacement.

There is only ONE screw to remove the light fixture. It is unloosened by inserting a screw-driver into the access hole located at the top. The bottom is held with hooks.

To replace the fixture, locate the junction box, usually found under the diving board. Open the box and separate the fixture wires from the house supply. Tie a rope to the end of the fixture wire before removal

Pull the fixture from the housing, then tie the rope to the new wire and pull the new wire up and into the junction box.Be CERTAIN the power is OFF

Putting the light back was tricky. I held my breath while underwater and pushing the light back in. Seems I had to come up for air before I located the install screw with the screwdriver.

Swimming Pool laws and regulations vary from municipality to municipality. Where I live in Brookhaven, NY the pool must be surrounded by at least a 4 foot high fence. Stockade fencing around the yard must be installed flat side out. Gates must be self-closing and swing out. Sliding doors need an audio alarm. Please check your local rules, your C/O or equivalent may depend on it.

Swimming Pool Liner Leaks Slow leaks are no cause for worry, not on Long Island anyway.

There is a company on Long Island called Island Pool Repair Tel: 631-255-6007. They will send a diver for a modest fee who WILL find the leak AND repair it. I know several pool owners who are very pleased with this service and surprised by the actual low cost. Don't live on Long Island? Check the yellow pages or web for similar service.

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