Aquabot Parts Repair. Do It Yourself. Aquabot and Aquabot Turbo

Aquabot parts repair almost always involves direct parts replacement.

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Working on the robot is not hard, but it can be tedious. Aquabot parts repair can be very easy if you follow several easy steps.

Do you have a repair nightmare or an example of diagnostic genius to share? If you are still trouble shooting, click the following link to see possible solutions for your broken robot.

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Automatic pool cleaners are beautiful in their simplicity. Most repairs may be accomplished with little mechanical ability.

Note: I said little, do not attempt repairs unless you know what a Phillips or slotted screw driver is and you know how to use one.

Aquabot parts may be ordered at any one of many online pool supply stores.

Trouble Shooting Guide

The web site I use for parts is Aquaquality Pools & Spas, inc. , or

Aquaquality Pools & Spas, inc. New Web Site

I have purchased parts from Aquaquality Pools & Spas, inc. many times. They also offer mail-in, free estimate service for most make and model robots. Aquaquality Pools & Spas, inc. manufactures many parts under their own TOMCAT label. These parts are top shelf and the pricing reasonable. For example, a set of drive belts $19.99 shipped. Order online or call 1-866-876-8643.

In addition to great pricing, the nice folks at Aquaquality Pools & Spas are "Go To" guys. It's where I go for technical advice as well as parts.

Used parts are sold at

To replace drive tracks, drive belts or brushes, refer to the

Aquabot Operating Manual (opens a new window)or click a link below.

Aquabot T2 User's Manual

If your pool cleaner is getting stuck on the main drain, parts are available. Click here for the solution.
Parts you can replace. These instructions intended for Aquabot and Turbo with a two wire cable.

1. Drive Tracks

2. Drive Belts

3. Brushes, anything but foam.

4. Pump

5. Power Supply Cord

6. Replacement plug for the power cord. One screw opens it, 2 screws hold the wire inside.

7. Drive motor.replacement

8. Aquabot Motor Repair
Requires some mechanical confidence and ability, otherwise best to have a repair shop do it. Replacing the Motor may involve dis-assembly of most the robot.

9. Aquabot Transformer Internal Timer (Includes photos of Aquabot internal timer bypass)

10. Aquabot Transformer External Timer (new window) (Includes photos of Aquabot external timer bypass)

If the information presented here saved you money, I have one more suggestion. Buy disposable robot bags and never clean that disgusting bag again. Saves your time for more pleasant activities.

Parts Diagram

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