Automatic Pool Cleaner Operating Tips

1. Plug-in Your automatic pool cleaner when it is in the water. NEVER plug-in your robot if it is out-of-water.

2. Remove ALL small toys, this is Especially important if your robot is direct-drive.

3. UNPLUG your robot BEFORE anybody enters the pool.

4. Keep the power transformer dry. Use it in the rain Only if it can be kept dry and ventilated.

5. Don't buy foam brushes, they fall apart too quickly and the pieces don't always get sucked up by the robot.

6. If your robot is working, avoid running the pool filter if you have a main drain and the robot is getting stuck. Consider a main drain cover specially made for robots

7. Be gentle with the power cord. It is a $200 part that will break.

8. Have a spare set of drive belts handy.

9. Have disposable filter bags available such as the bags at

Automatic Pool Cleaner Number One Tip. Recoil the cable from the robot. Takes 30 seconds. Piling up the cable will result in kinks, broken wires and robot eating it.

Aquabot cable

The above photo shows a cable where recoil was attempted but can't be coiled because it is terribly twisted from lack of care. Recoil the cable after every use and prevent headaches. Takes 30 seconds.

10. Winterize properly. Simple, don't let your robot freeze. store it in a warm place. Inspect it for worn drive belts.

11. Remove your robot from the pool after use. If this is not always possible, then be sure the water is balanced and chlorine levels are not excessively high. High chlorine and very low pH is a corrosive environment.

12. I frequently hear "my robot always eats the power cord". Keep the cord out of the robots mouth, tangle free and untwisted. Invest 30 seconds in recoiling your cable after every use. Coil the wire from the robot to the plug.

Richard from Aqua Quality Pools and Spas has this tip he credits to Aqua Products. Wrap a foam "noodle" around the cord to keep it afloat. Merely slice open the noodle and insert the cable.

Just an aside, I use the TOMCAT cables Richard makes and it always re-coils nicely and has never been eaten.

Try changing the handle position mid-cycle to reverse the twisting caused by the robots natural movement.

Many people abuse their robots by:

Pulling out of the pool with the cable (use the handle).

Storing with chlorine which is dangerously corrosive.

Leaving the robot in the water all the time.

Allowing it to freeze.

Not cleaning the bag often whereby water flow is insufficient to cool the motors.

Don't be these people, take care of your expensive equipment.

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