How To Dry A Wet Transformer Power Supply Unit

Many robot owners have a wet transformer power supply unit after dropping the unit into their swimming pool.

A damp condition can also be created by standing water from rain showers, sprinklers or splashing. If properly corrected, the water will not damage the unit.

If not promptly fixed, water moisture from internal condensation can be corrosive to internal parts. This moisture from condensation can create unwanted electrical connections that destroy the circuits. The unabated moisture may also corrode metal parts.

If not promptly fixed, a wet transformer power supply will develop internal condensation that can be corrosive to internal parts.

No pictures here. They may be found on other pages if you need graphical reference.

DO NOT ENERGIZE water is a conductor and the possibility exists for making unwanted electrical short circuits that may permanently damage the internal components.


Unplug or disconnect electricity to the unit immediately!

Remove the case. For Aquabot automatic pool cleaners, this involves drilling out the rivets with approximately 1/8 inch drill bit. On most Dolphins, remove the screws from the bottom plate and remove the case.

Dry the electrical components, transformer, switches , circuit boards with a hair dryer or heat gun and sop up any visible moisture in the case with a rag.

Leave the case off the unit for several days to allow evaporation of remaining moisture. Is important to avoid condensation on electrical parts. This can only be done if the moisture is allowed to escape. Leaving the unit to dry, open, in a low moisture place will help speed the drying process.

Assemble the unit and energize.

I have rescued several units using this method. These are my own procedures and following these instructions are at your own risk.

I don't recommend using rice or any absorbent material.

Most important, some air flow must be maintained to reduce the humidity in the case and components while it drys.

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