Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner

Today‚Äôs  Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner is remarkably similar to the Dolphin Diagnostic. They both have direct drive; a gear wheel that directly engages the tread, and a sealed compartment that contains both water pump and drive motor. Similar shaped bodies and handles.

 Many  Parts are interchangeable with the Dolphin Diagnostic. Many bushings, the bottom plate, tread, Power cables and wheels appear to be interchangeable. I believe the power supply too. The only part that didn't measure up was the direct  drive sprocket.

 The Aquavac robot line  was purchased by Hayward Pool Products around 2008-2009. Seems Hayward contracts with Maytronics to build these machines. That is an educated guess.

A close friend whose Aqua Queen I autopsied for this report, loved that robot. It worked flawlessly for at least 10 years until disabled by a lightning strike.

 The Tiger Shark comes equipped with 55 feet of cable and operates on 24 volts D/C.  The filter is a reusable cartridge that filters down to 5 microns. Space for debris holding seems relatively limited and the cartridge rack takes up much more space than the bag.

I am a huge fan of using disposable bags in  robots for the convenience and cleaner hands.

If you wish to use a bag, reuseable or disposable, then a new or used bottom plate from a Dolphin Diagnostic or a bagged Tiger Shark model  may be used. I have never cleaned a cartridge but it looks like a messy job.

 There are distinct differences between newer Tiger Shark parts  and older Aquavac parts.  Most significant is the Hayward power transformer supplys DC voltage and the Aquavac supplies AC voltage. These transformers must only be used with the proper machine

  Aqua Quality Pools and Spas, Inc, is now a dealer of both parts and robots and is now an  authorized repair facility for  Dolphin and Tiger Shark. Without their help this section would be impossible to write.

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