Don't Clean Your Robot Filter Bag!

Imagine…your pool party starts in just a few hours. The pool is dirty from several days of rain and you are about to throw your robot into the water for a last minute cleaning. Unfortunately, the filter bag is full from the last time you used it... you had no time to clean it then and you have no time to clean the bag now, Guests will be here soon….

THEN you install a disposable bag. Better yet, you REMOVE the disposable bag with its worms, insects and general muck, throw it away and install a new one. You clean the pool and stow your robot, no muss, no fuss…your pool cleaner is truly a convenient work horse.

Disposable bags are that good.The filtration material is a non-woven polypropylene fabric.

Don't clean your dirty automatic pool cleaner filter bag, throw it away!

The time saved is enormous. You leave the bag in the robot for 2 to 4 cleaning cycles. Forget about hand washing...most time is saved by not removing it after every cleaning. These disposables do not mildew.

Cleaning my Aquabot filter bag is a disgusting job. It is the ugly side of owning an Aquabot pool cleaner. The gunk inevitably ends up on my hands or at my feet. Finding a suitable location to clean the dirty bag is another problem.

Several options are available, Dolphin offers a disposable, called Wonderbag, for their machines that also fit Aquabot. They are expensive, a package of five will cost more than $50.

I am using inexpensive disposables called NastyBag. NastyBag also sells BotBag, a less expensive, lower volume bag for Aquabot, Aquatron and Water Tech pool cleaners.

If these bags seem to not fit, rotate 90 degrees and they fit perfect! They are a great value for the money.

BotBags are sized similar to your OEM bag. The fabric is the same as Nastybag but the bags total volume is smaller allowing a cheaper cost. I used the bag and I like it alot. You can buy them at They are very well made and cost a fraction of the Wonderbag.

Unless the pool is very dirty, as it is cleaning up after a Winter's accumulation of silt under my mesh safety cover, I get 2 to 4 cleaning cycles from each bag.

Replace the disposable bag every 2 to 4 cleaning cycles. The convenience and time saved is enormous.

The manufacturer claims filtration of 30 microns and that's probably what you get with the reusable bag that came with the Aquabot. Look at the reusable bag and you will find several relief holes that are about 1/4 inch wide. That's a whole lot of microns flowing thru those holes.

Wonderbags and Nastybags will fit almost every robot that uses a bag. Both are approximately double the volume of the original equipment bag. This allows maximum water flow as the bag fills with enough debris to fill the entire robot.

Be certain to have your debris shield installed or the bags may be sucked into the pump. This is true whether or not you are using a disposable bag.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Filter Bags and Microns Explained

One other observation, the disposable holds more "stuff" than the regular Aquabot bag due to built in greater capacity.

10-20 bags will get me through a season. I keep telling myself to save the disposables for those days I don't have the time to clean the soiled bag. I find I never have time to clean the bag by hand.

I recently sent my robot into the muck under my safety cover. My machine filled three disposable bags with the most disgusting mix of worms, insects and tree debris.

Years past, I would drag out the vacuum equipment because I did not want to clean the bag multiple times in one day.

Buying disposables are the best thing I have done since buying the robot itself. A small price to pay for the ability to just throw away the bag and keep my hands clean.

Nastybag and Dolphin disposables will fit or replace

Blue Diamond and Blue pearl

Aquabot, all bottom loading bags. Will NOT fit top loaders.

Dolphin filter bags except Robo Kleen, DX3, DX4

Pool Demon

Pentair Prowler

If your robot uses a bag, chances are these disposables will fit.

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