Aquabot T2 T4 Review

The Aquabot T2 T4 (and Turbo T) line of automatic pool cleaners are easily the toughest looking robots "out there". They look like little pool humvees.

T2 retails for $1399 and T4 $1799,each comes with tune up kit and free shipping at Aqua Quality Pools of Westbury, NY.

Both T2 and T4 clean your pool in one hour as they race along at a very fast 6800 square feet per minute while filtering 5000 gallons of water per hour.

The power cord is 75 feet and I can tell you from experience, not easy to re-coil after use.

These machines are relatively light weight, Turbo T and T2 are 17.5 pounds each. The remote controlled T4 is a bit heavier at 19.75 pounds. Weight matters a great deal when lifting a water laden machine from the swimming pool.

Warranty on both pool cleaners is 4 years prorated. T2 motors year 1-100%, year2-75%, year3-50% and year 4-25%

The Turbo T has a 3 year warranty. This is one of the longest warranties you will find and I would not buy an expensive machine without it.

Replacement motors are very expensive and these are very complicated machines. T2 has clutch rollered steering and the Remote control T4 has duel drive motors for the 4-way remote operation.

At the bottom of the Pool Cleaner Review Page is a T2 user review that is not too flattering.

On the other hand, I look for broken robots on Ebay and I rarely find a broken Aquabot T2 or T4.

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