Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

Automatic Pool Cleaner Review, Aquavac Tiger Shark and Mako Shark.

The Aquavac Mako Shark and Mako Shark 2 are very similar. They both circulate 2400 gallons of water per minute and they both cover 40 square feet per minute. Aquavac's claim is one hour to clean the pool. Here's the rub, they are for pools 16ft X 32ft or smaller.

Mako Shark uses a filter bag and Mako Shark 2 (formerly Aqua Queen) utilizes a 20 micron filter cartridge. A pair of cartridges cost about $50.

The Tiger Shark covers 50 square feet per minute and uses two 20 micron filter cartridges. Tiger Shark Plus and Tiger Shark QC (quick clean), both use a 5 micron cartridge.

One other unit is the King Shark. Cleans pools up to 30x60, cost about $1200 and is one of Aquavac's smaller commercial cleaners.

You must thoroughly shop these robots. Prices differ significantly from dealer to dealer. Pay attention to the model version as well.

Most robots have the Vac-Chlor System. This enables the vacuum to disperse chlorine as it cleans debris from your pool's water.

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