The Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner by Maytronics

The Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner is manufactured in Israel by the Maytronics Company.

Maytronics builds a complete line of automatic robots for both in-ground and above-ground owners.

Like Aquaproducts, Maytronics specifies a 40 to 50 foot or smaller pool for their residential robots, despite the fact that the power cord is longer on almost all models.

Maytronics sells the only battery operated robot that I know of. The battery floats on the water surface and is tethered to the robot with a power cord.

Maytronics advertises an oil-free motor and direct drive instead of belts to connect the motor to the rollers. The motors are indirectly water cooled as only a small portion of each motor actually touches the water. The chip that drives the motor can be manually programmed.

Many newer machines have cartridge cleaners. Some slide out the top and others slide out the bottom. I am not a supporter of the cartridge. They are messy to clean, expensive to replace and hold a fraction of the debris that a bag would hold. The robot body has limited space and a cartridge cleaner occupies most of it.

I have never used a Diagnostic, but have watched them operate. I would love to try one for a season for a comparison to Aquabot. Stay tuned!

I have tried to repair a Diagnostic. The circuit board was bad and a replacement board is not available. Nor are replacement pumps and motors. If you have a Maytronics machine that breaks an internal motor part, it MUST be sent to the factory for repair.

Use caution when buying a used Maytronics pool cleaner. Personally, I would stay away from all used Maytronics machines unless it is a gift.

I have posted a user comment form. Please tell us about your Maytronic experience, especially if you have working experience with both Aquaproducts and Maytronic machines.

Your comments will be posted.

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