Pool Blaster Review, Max and CG

This Pool Blaster Review is specific to models Max and CG. These hand held water vacuums are incredibly innovative. The Pool Blaster Max Retails at Walmart for $176. The powerful commercial grade CG, retails for $279 at Aqua Quality Pools.

I think these cleaners are perfect for the above-ground owner. They are cordless and run approximately 1 hour between charges.

Attach your skimmer pole and push the Max or CG around the pool on their built in wheels. Enclosed in each unit is a reusable general purpose filter bag. Other bags for various conditions such as sand and silt are sold separately.

The CG is a more powerful cleaner, 33% greater performance so cleaning times are less. Spend the money and get the most power you can afford.

Other smaller and less expensive models are the Catfish and Pool Broom. These are hand held or you can attach a pole.

A friend has a Catfish to remove sand from his hot tub and he loves it.

These are excellent cleaners for small kid size pools or spas and would make a great gift for Christmas/Birthday/Mother's Day/Father's Day.

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