"Antique" Aquabot® Mark V

by SmoothHead Johnny
(Louisville, KY)

Dread Rolly Polly!

Dread Rolly Polly!

My brother & sister-in-law gave us our 'bot present WELL over 10 years ago & it performed flawlessly for ~8 seasons. Without the benefit of this site, I didn't realize that 'not climbing the wall' was a relatively simple fix with a few replaced parts. That's where the party began!

I took the 'bot to Leslie's & was informed (when I called 2 weeks later!) that the machine was beyond their repair skill set but as a courtesy they'd ship it directly to AquaProducts. After a whole 'botless season, after Labor Day, after Thanksgiving - it was returned to Leslie's. It's been quite some time, but the 'bot never performed at anywhere NEAR the level prior to breakdown. (Frankly, after having been out-of-hand for months AND costing a small fortune to mail/repair/return I was never convinced Leslie's even sent it!). It was exiled to the basement a few years back & there it remained - until...

Found this site after my wife suggested a web search (BRILLIANT!) & am looking forward to seeing our silent sentry once again tirelessly patrolling the depths of the cement pond ferreting-out the most minuscule of those armadillos of the insect world - the dreaded Rolly Polly!!

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May 19, 2009
Those Rolly Pollys ARE Ugly!
by: Curt

Thanks for taking time to write. You might have another ten years left in that ol' bot.

BTW, I suggest Belts, all the bushings and stepped rollers. Tracks if they are loose and brush replacement if you have foam. They can ALL be done while changing the belts.

Only unknown is motor/pump longevity

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