any suggestions on how to remove the side plate on a dolphin deluxe 4?

by jim
(LA, CA)

Looking for help on how to remove the side plates so I can replace the tracks on a Dolphin Deluxe 4 as sold by Leslie's. It's different than the one in your example above (and every other track replacement guide that I could find on the internet as well!).

This one has two screws on each side that are unscrewed from the outside and what look like rubber washers on the inside. Pic attached.

Maytronics told me to contact Leslie's and so far Leslie's (multiple locations) says they don't know, they just send them into Maytronics. Not sure why they keep this so secret.

Thanks for providing this resource. Any insights or sage suggestions are most appreciated!

Update. Will leave this here but, success. It just required more wiggling, prying and force than I had tried before. Was trying to avoid breaking any of the little tabs... No doubt there's a more sophisticated way to pull this off.

Comments for any suggestions on how to remove the side plate on a dolphin deluxe 4?

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Jun 11, 2019
Removing Side Panels Dolphin DX4
by: GoinBack2Cali

I had the opportunity to perform this function today to install new foam climbing wheels, and you are right... It's a pain! I couldn't find any good "How To" on the web, so here goes...
I started by removing the 4 screws (2 each side) from the side panels, and then releasing the 3 side panel clips where they insert into the frame on the bottom of the unit. When the side panels still didn't want to release from the outer casing (the main shell of the unit), I started unscrewing every other part I could. I removed the 2 screws from the round top cover on the casing then the outer casing itself. Next came the 4 screws holding the outer casing to the frame. When the side panels would still not pull away from the outer casing, I became frustrated enough to take it to a professional. So I grabbed it from the top handle part, lifted, and voila! The outer casing has 5 plastic tabs on each side that insert downwards into the top portion of the side panels! Once I pulled the outer casing upwards, then I only had to gently pry the side panels from the 2 track guides (where the screws held it to the frame) and the side panels were off.
Re-installation was equally difficult because it is ridiculously hard to get the sides back on so they line up with the tabs on the outer casing that you have to insert from above. It's a 2 person job - or 1 person and 2 very large clamps or a ratcheting tie down if you are redneck enough. It took a lot of time to get everything aligned, but with some effort it came back together. It didn't really fit snug until I had the screws back in the side panels. Once they were back in, it looked like new.
Since I had to have the foam wheels today, I paid Leslie's Pool Supply the $80 ransom they required for the wheels ($35 on amazon, but 1 week delivery). Evidently they will do the installation for you for free if you pay their price. Next time, I'm going to let them have the fun!!
Hope this helps.

Aug 23, 2018
Clue about the Outer Casing
by: Rey Gelinas

The Outer Casing must be unscrewed in order to unlatch the side panel.

Nov 03, 2016
Not Sure

Have never worked on the DX4. Other Dolphins have 4 screws on the inside.

Call Aqua Quality Pools and Spas at 866-876-8643.
They are authorized Maytronics repair techs.
They should be able to help

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