Aquabot blowing fuses

by Matt
(Newtown, CT)

I have a Two and half year old Aquabot. It stop working and I found that the fuse in the transformer had blown. Replaced the fuse with a 2.5 slow blow fuse but it just blows again. tried a 5 fuse for about 20 seconds - it will not blow but neither the drive motor or the pump work. Any thoughts?
ANSWER: Yes! Do not try to bypass the fuse with tin foil or anything metallic. Doing so will cause serious damage to the transformer components.
A short is causing the fuse to blow. If you have more fuses, unplug the robot from the transformer and turn the transformer on. If the transfomer stays on we can eliminate it as cause for failure.

Focus now on the robot. A wire is broken in either the cable or in the terminal well on the drive motor. I have written detailed instructions on the troubleshoot page to find the short. The repair page has instructions to repair or replace the cable or pump wires.

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