Aquabot Bravo 2003 power supply stops after 30 seconds

by Serge
(Versailles, France)


I have a failure with a pool robot Aqua Smart System, bought in France (I'm French, living in France). This robot is also known as Aquabot Bravo 2003, so I hope you could help me with advices and preferably tell me where to find schematics.

The problem with the robot I have to repair is the transformer switches off after 30 seconds! Also this robot is the one of a friend, so I don't know exactly how it should operate when ok!

I opened transformer case and pump motor case and noticed that DC 24v voltage is ok. When I supply pump motor separately, it runs non stop. When I supply the caterpillar motor separately, it runs 6 seconds in one direction then 33 seconds in reverse direction then stops. I have to switch off then on to restart same cycle, so it seems motors are ok and I don't understand why Transformer power supply switches off after 30 seconds. I look on pcbs in details and reversely draw a schematics of Power Supply and Pump motor at least for supply part. Here is a temporary link to a pdf version of schematics I made:

What I miss as important information is the meaning and use of third white wire going from transformer ps till caterpillar motor. Since caterpillar motor is sealed, I can't check if connection is OK and I noticed no voltage on this wire along the 24V dc voltage is on.

I would be pleased if you can explain the use of this wire or give some repair tip or send schematics to me.

Thank you for your attention and any help.

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