Aquabot Bravo III

by Al
(Belle Mead, NJ USA)

My unit stopped working. I think it is actually two separate problems. I believe the power supply is bad. If I press the power button, after a minute or two there is a click, and it stops providing power to the unit. However, if I hold the button down, it continues to provide power to the unit (36V). The fan motor will spin, but the rollers don't start moving. Does anyone know if there is feedback from the pump motor that goes back to the circuit board to let it know there is some resistance from the blade in water, indicating the unit is submerged and ready to start moving the treads? I ask because the connector to the fan motor has 5 prongs. Presumable only 2 are required to operate the fan. I notice the fan is partically filled with oil. Does this act as an indicator if the unit is upright or inverted? Visual inspection of the connections show no corrosion.

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