Aquabot Bravo - Pandora Smart

by Francois
(Brisbane, Australia)

I have a Pandora Smart Pool robot that has now stopped working. If I press the green button the power supply it immediately switches off within a second. I've measured the voltage coming out of the transformer with a meter and it is a steady 30 volts, the the system rated at putting out 28volts when under load. I'm happy that the transformer is ok at this point.

Removed the pump motor and the drive motor and gave them both an internal visual and nothing pops out as being blown - all visible capacitors check out using a multimeter.

If I disconnect the pump motor from the drive motor (remove water proof seal on the joiner) then power up the robot the drive motor comes alive and seems to function fine. I've measured the capacitors in the drive motor and this also seems to check out with none of them failing this test.

So, where to now? The pump is a model AS00035R and I'm seeing Aquabot Bravo on the PCB's and the part numbers line up with the Bravo so I'm thinking this is an OEM of this unit being sold in Australia.

Is there more in the pump motor I should be looking at? There is talk of 4 capacitors that should be replaced...where are these located?

See photos attached


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