Aquabot Bravo

by Mike
(France but English.)

Aquabot ( idealbot) Bravo S/N 24087541. Purchased 1st June 2012

So I replaced my Aquabot Bravo Drive belts, for the second time.
The first time was fully successful but this time, all started well but then it just stopped.
I checked my work and it all seems fine, a dry test run on the bench allowed the pump motor to work but the drive motor ran forward for a few secs then reversed then just stopped dead with a "clonk" the drive motor continued to run until I switched off to save it burning out.
Applying power again released the drive and "George" performed the same operation giving the same result.
I can find no mech prob ( which is not to say there 'aint one!)
So suspect the electronics. Timer? can't find any wiring diagrams to help, I would like to isolate the timer to see if that is the culprit but without some wiring diagrams don't want to start messing with the electronics. Anybody help?

Some pix attached for ident.



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