Aquabot Broken - will not start

by Devin
(NJ, U.S.A)

My Aquabot Turbo started to stop frequently. If I pull it under water with my hand, it will momentarily start and when I let it go, it will stop. Both pump and motor will stop.
After a few of these trials (of pulling and shaking), the fuse blew on the power supply. When I put a new fuse, the motor & pump didn't start and blew the fuse again.
I opened up the power supply junction box (thanks to your insturctions) and cleaned out the putty. There were some cracks in the exterior putty. I am assuming water got in and shot the circuit. In addition, one of the wires was too close to the other terminal (with that wire being stripped). My question is as follows.

(1) How can I check the continuity of just the cable and make sure there is no shorting issue in the cable (I have a multimeter) ?
(2) Can I wrap an electrical tape on the stripped wire inside the junction box (I personally feel too much of the wire is stripped of the insulation) ?
(3) Is there a way to test the full continuity from the cable to the motor to make sure there is no shorting ?
(4) Before I repack the compartment, can I start the motor for 10 seconds and see if it works ? (so that I can make sure I fixed the problem before packing it with the putty ?
I am hoping that the motor and pump are still good.

Thanks in advance for your help

ANSWER: The fact your robot starts and stalls when you move it, and both motor and pump are affected causes me to believe you have a break in the wire that momentarily re-connects with movement. Definitely shorting and blowing the fuse.

Test the continuity on each cable wire...hold a probe on one plug end, then probe the terminal end. Touch both terminals, one at a time, on the motor. Move the cable while testing. Repeat for the second plug spade.
If there is no continuity signal or reading from either, then there is a break in the cable. Cut the wire at the handle and do the test again, strip the insulation back and size the wires to the terminals. Crimp on new terminal ends.

When you remove the wires, you may find that the terminal ends are already separated from the cable. The ends of the pump wires may be broken as well.
Tape is not needed as the wires are separated in the terminal well by routing one above and the other below the post that sits in the center.

You may turn on the unit briefly out of water, however, if continuity is good then just put the robot back to work.

If this does not work, or you need further assistance, message me thru the contact page.

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