Aquabot classic needs help

by Melissa
(Summerville sc)

I have an aquabot classic that is about 3 years old. It still vacuums, changes direction, climbs the walls but it will just get stuck it seems in a stationary position. The brushes are turning in the water and you can see it is pumping water. Walle (what my girls and I named our aquabot) will just stay in one spot. Sometimes if I power walle down and restart, walle will operate correctly for short short time. I have changed the belts and now the drive assembly shaft part but the problem still continues. Please help.
Thank you,
Love my Walle and need it well

ADMIN REPLY: If the wheels are turning then new treads And/or brushes may help. The fact the wheels turn leads me to belive the belts and drive gear are OK.

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