Aquabot Express Blows Fuse

by Steve

Need help please.

My Aquabot Express blows the fuse when I submerge the unit just enough to pump (vacuum) water.

I checked the transformer without the plug attached, had 35 volts fuse held.

Attached cord ran unit outside of pool for about 5-seconds, fuse held.

Placed Aquabot into pool enough that the it was partially submerged but not enough that pump "vacuum" could draw any water thru, fuse held.

Once I submerged enough that it stated to pump water is when the fuse blew.

This leads me to believe that it's the pump but could it just be a gasket or something else?

Any help would be appreciated!

ADMIN REPLY: I think you have a broken wire in the cable or at the terminal connections. The water may be completing the circuit (shorting) OR the positioning of the cable as it is lowered into the water is causing the broken wires to short. Your pump is ok. I would only check the wire end terminals for corrosion and breaking.
I would personally cut the cable back a few inches above the handle, strip and rewire.

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