Aquabot Motor Extreme repair and motor pics

by Dave Gawlicky
(Union Springs NY USA)

Aquabot stops intermittently. Checked PS and it had 38vac. Replaced corroded cable plug with computer cord end. Same results.internal wiring looked good so i opened suspect drive motor. Interesting to see no oil in it but silicone heat sink grease betwern plate and motor. Checked incoming cable voltage and only found 7 to 10 vac at motor circuit board. Removed cable shrink wrap and tested with same results. Cut cable back till I got good voltage reading and buttspliced snd shrinkwrapped my connection reassembled unit and put the motor plate back on. Unit works like it should now. *** I dont know why the cable strain relief had silicon at the gland nut. Water gets in there reguardless. Makes no sense for this extra sealing effort.

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