Aquabot Parts Replacement Helpers

Some Aquabot Parts are very small and round, they roll away. Follow these suggestions for successful replacement.

1. Use a dark,flat surface approximately half the size of a dinette table. Most small parts are white.

2. Adequate lighting is a must in any repair project.

3. Short handled phillips screwdrivers work best inside the body.

4. Place components on the table in the same order they were removed.

5. Take a few moments to LOOK the machine over before removing any pieces.

6. Have a copy of the parts diagram (link opens a new window) on hand. Ignore the other suggestions if you must, but follow this one.

7. Never operate your robot out-of-water. I can't emphasize this enough. Leave your machine unplugged whenever it is on dry land.

Robots are remarkably simple by design and amazingly expensive to have repaired. Do the repair work yourself and save a bundle of cash.