Aquabot Parts, Changing Drive Tracks

Aquabot Parts Replacement, Drive Track

Drive Tracks are the rubber belts that wrap around both sides of the wheel tubes. Loose and worn drive tracks will hurt your robotic pool cleaner's ability to climb stairs and may affect the cleaning pattern as well.

The Aquabot operating manual suggests pushing the belt off the wheel while rotating it, then using the reverse to put it back on.

A warning, I have broken the flange on the wheel removing and installing tracks.

The drive tracks can be the easiest parts to replace on your Aquabot. Make certain the track is set squarely in its channel

Replace the rubber drive track when it no longer stays in the channel. They stretch with time and usage.

Prices vary greatly. My local pool store offers tracks for $25 each. Aquaquality Pools and Spas, Inc offers their own tracks at a good price, below $20

Many times I find great part prices only to find shipping fees a deal breaker.

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