Aquabot Pool Cleaners

Aquabot pool cleaners are made in the USA.

They offer economically priced basic models, the higher performance Turbo models and several robots for above-ground owners. If price is not a factor, check out the commercial bots for maximum speed and performance.

Above-ground robots are beautifully simple, lacking an expensive drive motor, moving parts are minimal. If you own an above-ground and don't have a robot yet, well...what are you waiting for?

The residential robots are made for in-ground pool use, 40-50 feet or less. Important to remember because the robots, depending on the model, are equipped with a 50-75 foot cord.

Aquaproducts is an American based company. In 2011, Aqua Products was acquired by Fluidra of Spain. Pump Motors are oil lubricated. Many drive motors are oil free.

Belts are used to connect the motor to the wheel drum.

Relatively easy to repair and replace normal wear parts.

Filterbag advertised efficiency is 2 microns.

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