Aquabot Pool Demon Still Blowing Fuse After Changing To A New Power Cord

I had bought back-up parts for my Pool Demon Last Year.
So when I noticed today the fuse had blown, I disconnected the cord from the motor and checked for continuity. Oddly, the cable seemed fine.
I changed it out anyway, and the fuse is still blowing.
Could it be a bad drive motor? Or it might be the pump? I know I gave the pump a pretty good workout this year due to all the debris from hurricane sandy.
If the pump goes bad, would it blow the fuse?
Tomorrow I am going to disconnect the pump and run it to see if it holds.
I might try and change the capacitors if it comes to that.
The transformer checks out fine also.
Any input would be great, thanks.

ADMIN REPLY: Only a short will blow the fuse. I doubt you have a capacitor problem. You may have water in the pump and replacement is your only option or the wires may be broken where the connections are made at the motor.
Disconnect the pump from the motor and see if the motor alone blows the fuse. Helps to isolate the problem piece.

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