Aquabot Pool Demon Stops After 1 Hour.

by GR
(Long Island)

(this email series descreibes a problwm and subsequent fix)
original messgage:I bought my Aquabot pool demon with my pool pkg 5
years ago. it worked great the first season. since then it works sporadically.

After 1/2 hr to 1 hr it slows and stops turning it off then back on will make it go slowly for another 15 min or so.

I contacted aquabot and changed belts and
bushings and everything else they suggested.

I have taken it in twice to the company I bought the pool from, who are supposedly authorized to repair...
both times they told me nothing was wrong.

I am completely frustrated and am contacting you to see if you know where i can send it to get an appropriate
honest repair...I have tried some of your
suggestions from this site with no luck...

any advice would be greatly appreciated

My Reply:Check Power Supply

Hi, have you tested the power supply for voltage when the robot stops?
This is to determine if the problem rests in the transformer or in the motor.

This is not normal and I think the pool company just wants to wash their hands clean of the problem.

If the belts and or bushings were cause then turning off/on the robot would not change performance.

After affirming the power supply is working then the easiest fix would be a new motor but who wants easy?
I live nearby and will look at it.

Follow up:After running the robot until it stopped, a multimeter check revealed no voltage from the power supply in spite of the fact the transformer was humming and lighted switch was on.

I replaced the timer and the problem was resolved. A cheaper fix would have been bypassing the timer so the robot would always run when the power was on.

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