aquabot pumps but wont move then shuts off

by Jaz
(north babylon, ny)

My aquabot only gets used from mid May, June, July, and goes to bed mid August. For a robot that only gets used 3 months a year it should not need so much fixing!
My aquabot T2 was working in the end of the summer, I put aquabot away for the winter and now it will turn off pump very nicely but wont move then just stops. I replaced all the belts and bushings, everything is exactly as per the diagram. I have been replacing my own belts, bushings, rollers etc for years. Multimeter says my power supply and fuse are fine.
Why doesn't it move and why after not moving does it shut off?

Thank you
Owner who does NOT love my aquabot
I spend more time fixing it than using it!

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