Aquabot repair ? no help on-line

by Phil M
(Aston, PA)

I have an very old Aqubot pool rover for above ground model E1590, ser# 4700099.  That had worked great for years.  It has stopped moving as the pump motor does not come on?  My root question is which part needs to be replaced?  the Pump motor or the power supply?
The power supply out put is a constant 32volts AC it never changes even when the timer cycles on and off?
The Pool pump motor never spins?

I can not find any helpful information on the Web?

Looking for simple answers:

What is the correct output voltage that should be coming out of the power supply outlet?

How can I tell if the pump motor is bad? I have continuity when I check in with a meter. is that correct.

the Transfomer is putting out 32volts to the timer. Is that correct?

The timer output never changes 32volts AC
it does not go off when the off light on the timer face goes to off.

Can I purchase a new timer for the 7071 power supply?

Please help. Phil

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