Aquabot S2-40

by Curt
(New York)



Avoid this pool cleaner. Has two bags to clean instead of one and no disposable bags are available for it. Cleaning the bag is the worst part about owning a pool robot. Mind boggling that Aqua Products would make a totally useless robot with two bags...double misery.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this machine or any double bag machine. If you read this and buy one anyway then "I told you so".

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Jul 11, 2019
Power supply quit in less than two seasons
by: Anonymous

I don't need an expensive unit: The rover seems like the right fit for our pool, but after two seasons the supply quit. I metered the cord between the motor to supply and no shorts or open lines. I metered the output of the supply and got 37 volts for a few seconds then zero. When I turn on the unit, I can hear the timer click out after a few seconds of on time.
I haven't opened up the supply yet, but I'm guessing I'll find either a bad timer or corroded or bad crimps. I'll bypass the timer to verify the transformer is ok next. I'm tempted to design my own timer and replace the crimps with soldered connections. Or, see who has a working arduino circuit and add some features ;)

Don't worry, I'm experienced with safely working with AC circuits of many different kinds with 30+ years experience in electronics design and test; from high voltage supplies and transmitters, to the design of medical electronics.

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