Aquabot SONIC 5 from France

by Bertu

my Sonic 5 pool robot from Fluidra/Astral is still broken


when the robot is submerged, after pressing the control box push button, the button lights up and the propeller pump motor turns correctly, the robot begins to move forward for rive or six meters and then stops after 10 to 15 seconds the light on the control box starts flashing.
And that every time I try to throw it

When I take it out of the water, I put it on the tiling of the terrace and I start walking on the button of the box, the robot advances and makes 3 to 4 quick return trips over 2 meters and then stops and the button flashes

the same if I put it in the side position, the tracks make 5 to 6 rotations in one direction and in the other and stops and the button flashes

here is quite a detailed description of the operation of the broken down robot and the symptoms

Someone has a response to my problem ?

Thank-you for an answer


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