Aquabot stopping and reversing when it's not supposed to.

by Carl
(Mars, PA USA)

Had my T2 for a little over a year. Already had to have the suction motor and drive motor replaced. Ever since it was fixed (by a certified repair center), the cleaning pattern is all messed up.
When new, the unit would climb up a wall, reverse direction and move across the pool until it climbed another wall. Then it would reverse direction and go at it again. It worked great.
Now I put the unit in and turn it on. It will run across the pool and climb the wall. When it reverses direction and goes the other way, it will only move in that direction for about 5 feet. It will then just stop right in the middle of the pool and reverse direction. I just thought it was a random direction change at first until I noticed it was cleaning the same area back and forth, back and forth for almost and hour!!! And it always moves the same distance back before reversing direction again.
I think it has something to do with the program chip but no one wants to address that issue. It would be great to find a repair center who will listen and address my problem head on instead of just telling me to replace the belts!!!

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