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May 27, 2022
Voltage for aquabot xtreme 2-wire unit NEW
by: Paul

I have a aquabot xtreme pool vacuum without power supply. What voltage is the robot expecting ? Ac or DC? So I can basically test motors. Thanks. paul

Nov 30, 2019
Not the cable
by: MrHappyGoLucky

I checked, but I don't have a broken wire. Only 5 volts is getting to the pump motor.

Somewhere on the circuit board the voltage is dropping.

the power supply input appears to run thru the BTA24 snubberless triac. I see 38 volts flowing into that triac but but only 5 volts coming out of it, which appears to be the power supply to the pump motor. Is there a chance that the BTA24 is bad? or could it be that the optical triad is sending a bad signal to the BTA24? (It doesn't look like the optical triac is getting any current)

There is 50 volts coming out of the rectifier. Is it possible the controller is burned out, especially since there the drive motor won't run either? Is that something that I can replace? (probably not) you know if I can buy a new pcb, or do I need to look for a whole replacement drive motor unit?

Sep 29, 2019
bad connection?

No power to the pump or motor is usually a broken wire in the cable and many times the problem is where the cable connects to the motor wire. I diagnoses this by cutting the wire on the motor side of the connection and doing a continuity check and/or a voltage check of the cable.

I will also apply power to the motor using jumpers. If the motor works then I will cut out the joint and re-splice using butt connectors and marine grade shrink tubing.

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