Aquabot T4 lost at Aquatic Distributors

by Phil

I sent my Aquabot T4 to Aquatic Distributors in NJ because the machine would not change direction. That was almost 3 months ago and they cannot fix the problem. Now I am out $665 and they won't send the machine back.
Whenever I contact them there is one excuse after the next with the conversation always ending up with them offering a credit toward the purchase of a new unit. The unit I sent is only 3 years old!
I have owned 2 Aquabots and the first one lasted 10 years before some of the plastic cracked from age. That basic Aquabot only needed new belts and filter bag after 7 years of use. When these machines work they do a fantastic job of cleaning the pool. When they break get ready to open your wallet. They make car repairs look cheap!

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