Aquabot T4 RC Pump Motor Repair

by John
(San Diego.CA )

I am employed as a supervisor / senior repair technician for all things "aquatic" at a very large resort and casino. T4RC units were purchased by the resort to help with pool maintenance. I have diagnosed / repaired (2) out of warranty units with "no pump" complaints.

1. diagnosed motor thermistor failure on both units - therm wire had been pinched by motor housing at factory during assembly and shorted on (1)unit.

2. debris pulled in by pump impeller jams propeller in its housing causing shaft stoppage - and possible thermistor failure from overheat condition

3.Aquabot informed me that maybe my pools are "too dirty"
for the T4RC to handle. I no longer request purchase orders for Aquabot units to be used at the resort.

4. Motor is SANYAU Hong Kong P/N A6005-013 - 30VAC

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