Aquabot T4

by Moe
(New Hampshire)

As our pool person appeared to be loosing interest in doing more than Opening/Closing and weekly chemical checks it was apparent we needed to find an alternative system to hand vacuuming. We had a Kreepy machine way back when and it spent most of the time bouncing around the pool when an object got stuck in it.
So after spending hours searching the net about the different pool cleaners we decided to purchase the T4 through Amazon and it was another retailer on Amazon who had a lower price than Amazon, I love Amazon.
Anyways we received the unit today and I realize this is out first foray into the Robotic pool cleaning world and some reviews state these machines appear to fall apart after the first season so we purchased the unit that had the best overall ratings and unfortuantly it is also one of the more expensive machines as well!!!
Talk about simplicity, open the box, plug in the Power Supply, Plug the Robot into the Power Supply and gently lower it into the pool, about 1 1/2 hours or so you have a clean pool.
This Pool is a 20X40 and has about a 9 foot deep end, 2 ladders, set of stairs, main drain, and 2 skimmers. The Robot did not get hung up if it rolled when climbing the wall it would self right itself or catch itself and float partway down the wall and continue the cleaning process, pretty amazing stuff.
Not sure how the machine is programmed but somehow during the cris cross process it completely cleans the pool.
It remains to be seen how the machine will hold up, but I am fairly adept at taking things apart and fixing them, and if it is a warranty item I am pretty ruthless at making sure the company honors said warranty.
But out of the box this thing did exactly as it was supposed to do with little or no fan fare, I'm impressed!!!

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