Aquabot - tale of failing parts woes...

by Grant
(South Jersey)

I have a basic model Aquabot.

It was making a hard task of climbing the pool walls recently, so I replaced the drive belts and tracks myself. This didn't really help much.

So we took it into a repair place just north of Princeton - about an hour's drive. This repair place keeps moving further and further from our home (originally a positive in favor of the Aquabot was a local service facility - not any longer!).

They replaced the pump easily and quickly enough - "only" $300 including labor.

This morning, I put it back in the pool and sure enough, the pump was now working correctly - but no movement - the drive belts/tracks were not turning.

So now I have to consider - did the repair place break the drive motor when they replaced the pump? That is, do I have a leg to stand on if I call them and demand they replace the drive motor at no cost or further inconvenience to me? Or do I quietly accept that Aquabot parts are ridiculously expensive and not designed to last very long, then pay out $400 (the drive motor costs more than the pump motor) for more repairs, by which time I've paid out the same as the cost of a brand-new Aquabot in less than two weeks.

So not happy with Aquabot right now. Is there a more reliable or better-made brand out there for in-ground pools?

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