aquabot tempo

by Jim Robinson
(Syracuse, NY USA)

I have owned an aquabot tempo for the past 3 years and it has been nothing but a headache. I had bought it in June and it was sent back to the manufacturer in August and not returned in time to close the pool. They had to replace the drive motor. Next summer the pump went bad, the people at aquabot walked me through replacing it myself. Then the I started burning through drive belts because the plastic mounts cracked connecting the drive belts. I was able to fix this with screws and then the cord had a short, even though I regularly rotated the handle position and tried undo the coiling of the cord when taking it out of the pool and putting it away. This year the pump just went again. I would give this a 1/2 star rating. POS. Disgusted with product. The expense this has cost me is nothing compared to the agravation.

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