Aquabot Transformer

by JP McGuire
(Dartmouth MA)

I am currently on my second Aquabot. The newest is 3 yrs old and has needed the usual new drive belts and exhaust propeller cleaning that I have no problem dealing with.
My current problem is my transformer has burned out!
The unit was found dead in the water and we did the typical diagnostics ie cords connected, circuit breakers, timer wheel on/off and reset button.....nada. So I checked the fuse, 2.5amp 250v 5x20mm...blown! yeah! I went out and finally found the right one(not easy!)Replaced it and it kept blowing....I was not happy...things were starting to smell expensive.
Took it to my certified repair guy(mainly because the cowling is riveted on and I did not want to void any possible warranty by drilling them out) Well he did and informed me that the transformer is burned explanation why.
So I ask....why? what are my options short of $200 for a new one...can I modify the old transformer to take the new ones cord?

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