AquaBot turbo issue Fixed after impeller capacitor replacement

by Eddie

My Aquabot turbo was blowing the fuse, and thanks to the info from this website, i fixed that problem by troubleshooting it to the capacitors in the impeller.

After replacing the capacitors in the impeller and putting it all back together, fuse does not blow and both impeller motor and drive motor operate normally...GREAT

The issue is that when i place the robot in the pool...slowly...and once the impeller starts spouting water...the i robot will not move.. impeller still works and no fuse blows..but the drive motor doesn't seem to have enough juice to move the robot.. Once I pull the robot out of the pool (inpeller not spewing water, just running), the drive motor will start to drive the wheels and it will start to move.

Is this now a symptom of a tired drive motor and now that needs to be replaced?

Thanks in advance


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