Aquabot Turbo running over the wire

by Tom Miller
(Centereach NY)

My 3 yr old Aquabot keeps running over its own wire when climbing the wall. Has anyone had this problem and if so what is the solution. What good is an automatic pool vac if you constantly need to supervise it.

ADMIN REPLY: Many cable problems result from improper storage, for example piling up the cable in a tangled mess rather than properly coiling to remove the kinks and twists and it only takes a minute.
Otherwise, for a severely kinked cable, coil it from the robot and work the twists out. Do it when the sun is out and leave the cable in the heat for awhile.
If this does not work, slice a foam "noodle" and slip it over the cable by the robot. Will add extra pull to the cable.

ALWAYS coil from the robot so the plug end can unwind.

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