AquaBot Turbo

by Robert E. Ficarelli
(Valley Cottage, NY USA)

I have used AquaBots for more then 20 years. I do my own repairs. I have a 20 x 40 by 10' deep ingroung pool. I did vacuum the pool BEFORE I purchased my Aquabot. It took me hours to vacuum and the the cost of replacing the water after I back washed the filter was TOO much. I have been using an AquaBot since then. I have had to replace the unit about every 5 years since the cost to repair was more then a new unit. I run my pool filter for only 5 hours a day, just to circulate the chemicals. I use my AquaBot for about 12 hours a day or more to filter the pool. An AquaBot filter bag is a better filter then a sand filter. It saves me a lot on my electric bill. My pool is tested every other day and is the best kept pool in my neighborhood.

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