Aquabot will not reverse direction

by John Myrah
(Vienna, Virginia)

I've had my Aquabot classic about 3 years and as of about a week ago it will only go in one direction. The aquabot climbs the side of the pool, reverses direction moving about a foot back down the wall and then reverses to its original direction climbing the side of the pool for about 5 minutes. It then stops for a few seconds again and continues climbing the side of the pool which basically means its on the side of the pool as long as its running. Thought it might be the mercury switch in the driver motor but when I manually turn the machine around and point it down the side of the pool it continues in that direction to the other side of the pool. Only other thing I can think of is that the program that runs the machine is now defective. From your website it looks like an owner can replace most of the machine which is my preference rather than sending it somewhere. Would appreciate any ideas. Thanks, John

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