blue diamond by water tek

by Dan Sizemore

Blue Diamond Automatic Pool Cleaner

Blue Diamond Automatic Pool Cleaner

This cleaner has so many problems:
1. it advertises cleaning the pool in 90 minutes. To do this it has to go so fast that it does wheelies, completely disturbing the debris on the bottom. it may cover (debatable) the entire pool in 90 minutes, but after the debris settles it is dirty again. I usually run it three times, waiting about an hour in between times.

2. My warranty is for 4 years--the is for a certain number of cycles--roughly 2-3 a week. But if you clean your pool three times in a week and you have to do 3 cycles each time--that's 9 cycles and your warranty is going to be about a year or so

3. Complaints to the company fall on deaf ears

4. I sent it for repair and was billed $120--it seems that the factory only gives the repair center partial credit

5. Don't even think about buying the Pool Buster battery operated cleaner--it lasted for 2 months (cost $150)

I am taking company to small claims court

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May 20, 2011
blue diamond junk
by: Anonymous

had this for 4 summers had to send it for repair beginning of 3 spring seasons. $30.00 shipping fee. hate hate hate it

Jan 03, 2009
Not what it claims to be!
by: Anonymous

I have a friend who bought this. He tried to get me to buy one, but after a few months he was ready to bash it in because it goes so fast it just messes up the water behind it and it also will work in one strip for over 45 minutes!

Sep 14, 2008
Faster not always better
by: Curt

I have heard from several Blue Diamond owners that this machine is so fast it literally flys off the shallow end into deeper water.
Another complaint...can't pick up piles of dirt due to the rapid speed unless it goes over the same spot several times.

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