Blue Diamond Pool Cleaner

by Mr-Galaxy
(La Palma, California)

Pros: Very Efficient, Easy to clean, Cleans to the Tile Line, Sponge Rollers SCRUB, Easy to use, Get's the job done

Cons: Expensive - but worth it, User manual USELESS

Best Uses: Residential Inground Pool

The performance of the Blue Diamond is incredible. I have used suction side cleaners for years, and they did an OK job. I still had to sweep and hand vacuum on a regular basis.After only 3 cleaning cycles, my pool has NEVER been cleaner!. I am running it twice per week, keeping the floor and walls very clean. The Large capacity filter bag is easy to clean, and captures very small size particles. The powerful on-board pump moves a lot of water through the filter, and provides strong suction. This permits the "tank tracks" to easily move the unit up the walls of my plaster in-ground pool, all the way up to the waterline, and scrub the tiles. I was hoping that it would at least go to the tile line, it does that, and more. I was surprised that the Blue Diamond even made it up to the bottom step, and cleaned it. The rollers use a PVA SPONGE, and it really grips and scrubs.Don't know how long the sponge will last, but it does a highly effective job in cleaning the plaster walls. Hope they are affordable to replace.I researched robotic pool cleaners using the net, before investing in this cleaner. At about $1000, it is not cheap, but I know that you get what you pay for in life. The Blue Diamond has a good solid feel. It is manufactured in Israel, NOT China. Another reason I purchased this unit. We already buy too much from China, and often the quality is low grade. Overall quality of the Blue Diamond is good to very good. Very good to Excellent, if I compare it to similar products made in China.

Motors are guaranteed for 4 years. the rollers and drive belts have NO warranty, expect to replace these periodically as they are considered WEAR ITEMS.
Big advantage to the robotic cleaner is that you can run it anytime. It is very quiet, only makes a satisfying gurgling sound, when it climbs up the wall, and scrubs the tile. I know it is scrubbing, when I hear that sound. Does not put any strain on your pool pump, like suction side cleaners, they really have low efficiency, will reduce the life of your pump, and run up the horsepower. Estimated cleaning cycle electricity cost of the Blue diamond is about $0.25.Adjustable programming, by moving the "carry handle" Very simple to adjust, it seems to create a different cleaning pattern, as I change the handle position, each time I put it into the pool. My pool is 7' deep and only 13,000 gallons. Not large, but the cleaner does a good job on a single cycle.

My only complaint is the user manual. When you need to remove or re-set one of the roller sponges, the user manual will not be of much help. Contact David Haney at Water Tech in New Jersey. David is excellent, and will get you the information needed to service your unit, or order replacement parts. Water Tech is the distributor of this product for North America, they are not the manufacturer.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Blue Diamond. I have been using it only for 4 weeks, but so far, it's working great. I expect to put updates on this review from time to time.Shop around on the net for the best price. You should be able to get it for close to $900 delivered to your door.

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