Blue Pearl

by Sandra

Water Tech Blue Pearl Pool Cleaner

Water Tech Blue Pearl Pool Cleaner

We owned our first Blue Pearl (made by Water Tech), for three years until the motor developed a problem. The machine performed beautifully and was a workhorse with near daily use all summer and occasional use through the winter. We used it multiple times a day to get ready for pool opening.

After repeated uses, you have to clean sand and grit out from behind the latches that hold the bag unit in place or the plastic "plate" on the bottom will not sit squarely and this will slow the unit down while it is cleaning. After this problem started (along about the beginning of the third year) it never got better, even with cleaning. It impacted the performance of the unit to some degree and then, later that summer the motor died and we didn't use it anymore while we tried to find service for it.

The biggest issue with this machine is finding a local authorized service agent. We live in northeast Georgia and there are none close to us. The closest is in South Carolina.
If something goes wrong, the folks at Water Tech just give you a lesson in how to fix it. This is ok as long as the problem is minor.

We recently purchased our second one and in the first two days of using it, it developed a frustrating problem with the handle, which wouldn't lock into position on either side. If you know about these robots, the key to having it roam around the pool is the position of the handle which helps to direct the path and helps it to crawl up the wall and turn around again at the top. The only solution Water Tech offered to us was to send the unit back to them to fix and they would return it - shipping paid. For the purchase price of this unit (none of them are inexpensive) I would expect to have it entirely replaced, especially that it was a brand new unit and still under warranty.

I will use this machine until it dies. But after experiencing the lack of customer support on this handle issue, I will look elsewhere for my next robot.

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May 11, 2010
Great Comments on Blue Pearl
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing, in detail, your experience with this pool cleaner

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