Broken Aquabot Cable Wire in Texas

by Don
(NRH Texas)

I have a Aquabot Turbo, on it's fourth season. The unit began intermittently shutting off completely. I tested the continuity and determined it was not the power supply.

When pulling the cable to remove it from the pool, it started up. Pressure in the connector near the cable clamps on the handle would disconnect and reconnect the power.

I undid the clamps and inserted the connector into one and the cable into the other (as factory) then added a cable tie to the loose cable & handle a bit further up. This is holding the cable to maintain a good connection. I view this as a temporary fix. Can anyone advise of a more permanent solution, or does the cable need to be replaced?

ADMIN REPLY: You have a broken wire in the cable most likely at the handle where you clamped it.
You can cut back the cable and crimp on new terminal ends. Use the cut portion as a template for stripping the foam jacket and terminal wires.
Instructions are on this website

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