Dirt Devil Rampage

The Dirt Devil Rampage is new for 2007. Detailed specs appear hard to find.

The filter is a cartridge type, no bag. This leads me to believe it is manufactured by Aquavac and sold under the Dirt Devil name. Don't quote me...just a little speculation Filtering capability is 5 microns.

The cartridge looks difficult to clean and seems it would fill quickly due to less volume. A bag liner is not an option with a cartridge filter.

The Rampage has a 3 year unconditional warranty. That is a good since very little is known about this machine.

For several hundred extra dollars, you may buy the remote controlled model.

I went to the local pool store for a look, but there was no machine to be found.

It is difficult to buy a machine with so little data; however the risk is mitigated by the 3 year warranty backed by a reputable Company.

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